Review of Second Life

Second life is one of the oldest MMOs having been released far back in 2003 which is a constant favorite of a oil tank removal in Westchester NY tech, Rick.

Unlike many other popular MMOs, there are no monsters, dungeons, enemies and levels in Second Life. It is more like an alternative lifestyle.  The player creates an avatar that socializes roleplaying and exploring an alternative world. Players can customize their avatars heavily, and those with knowledge in script writing can customize their avatars to a high level.


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Review of the Realm online

MMO veterans must like Dave from Roof Repair Long Island (, have been excited to hear that The Realm which was also called The Realm Online was making a comeback. The Realm was about the first of the three MMORPGs back when the gaming world was still discovering and perfecting the phenomenon of MMORPGs. It came out in 1996. The creator Stephen Nichols was urging the gaming community help The Realm make a comeback to mark its 20th anniversary.  Back then it attracted over 25,000 players.


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Review of MMORPG Eve online

This time it is Anthony from My Mold Removal NYC giving us a reviews of the Eve Online. In the fast changing world of MMORPGs, EVE online has made a mark. It won 9 major awards and was ranked among the Top 100 games of all times by no less than PC Gamer in 2013. The last expansion the Rubicon earned it massive popularity with the critics.

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Review of World of Warcraft

Ron from Long Island HVAC Repair ( gave his take on WoW.  After the disappointing performance of Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard has bounced back with Legion. The developer has gone back the model it used in Cataclysm in 2010. Legion has exceeded expectations in the Blizzard’s long-running successful MMO.

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Do MMORPGs Give a Sense of Belonging to a Tree Service Owner?

Do MMORPGs Give a Sense of Belonging?

Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) are online based games that give a massive number of players to play simultaneously in different imaginary roles.  My buddy Joe, who just so happens to own the best Tree Service in Long Island, also like me, loves playing MMO’s when he is not busy cutting down trees! He love it becuase fast internet speeds have enabled fast real time play where us players can also interact on audio. Game play may require solo or cooperation among players. Examples of popular MMORPGs are World of warcraft, Star wars and Guild wars


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You Know This Blog Will Be Great!

Yeah, I know I am being overconfident. Even though I do not have anything on it right now, you can check on this blog in about a week or so and I will be jammed pack full of fun.