About Me

This is the blog of a former gamer. Yes that is me. Don’t feel pity for me. I got married.

I remember so many hours just playing games, especially MMORPG’s. Do you guys remember Age’s of Empires? I remember playing at work till really late at night in the 90’s. Then I would take a Lincoln town car home. Obviously that was on the companies dime not mine.

I loved video games. I guess they were an escape for me. There was many that I finished. Me and my younger brother would do all nighters to finish one. Sometimes I would just watch and guide him through our favorite RPG game.

I guess I always had a thing for fantasy. When I was a kid, I used to get the magazines Cinemagic and Fangoria. I used those to learn special effects. While I never made a film because I never had the money to do a production, it really allowed me to expand my curiosity and the depth of my fantasies.

As kids we all have our fantasies. I just recollected as to how my and my older bro would play with army men till the we hours of the morning. We would have this epic battles with the green plastic figures. what was our weapons of war? Socks, small plastic pieces, whatever we could find.

When I would think about it, I do not know what are rules where! I do not think there were any. We just wanted to imagine a battle scene.

So I hope you enjoy my blog which will not only be laden with games I have played, and maybe some that I did not. It will not only have some of the more modern games but I will also speak of some of the old one that I played.

Maybe I will even talk about the nights of Parcheesi with my family when I was a kid.