Review of Second Life

Second life is one of the oldest MMOs having been released far back in 2003 which is a constant favorite of a oil tank removal in Westchester NY tech, Rick.

Unlike many other popular MMOs, there are no monsters, dungeons, enemies and levels in Second Life. It is more like an alternative lifestyle.  The player creates an avatar that socializes roleplaying and exploring an alternative world. Players can customize their avatars heavily, and those with knowledge in script writing can customize their avatars to a high level.


Starting out

You start off by selecting an avatar. There is a starting zone which familiarizes you with the different Sims (worlds). From then on you are a resident. After going through the short tutorial, you access the different Second Life Sims through a gate at the top of the hill.

Second Life offers a rich variety of possibilities for the resident. You can choose to be in one of the replicas of real world cities, live in a magical realm, or even live in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. There are anime worlds from the favorite anime shows. For the adventurous, there are red light districts to sample.

Open world

The communities in Second Life are organized by interests. You will find communities based on gaming, religion, music genre, movies and so on. If you are a big fan of Warcraft, there is a vibrant community where you can share tips and so on. Second Life feels like one big socializing forum only that you can see who you are socializing with (in an alternate form).

Second Life is a true sandbox game. You can create whatever you can think of. Games, weapons, cars, and so on can be created if you have the time and expertise. The world is yours for the taking. You can get other residents to play these games or use your creations.


The marketplace in Second Life is one of the hugest in the virtual world. The currency used in this marketplace is called Linden Dollars. This currency has become so popular it is traded in the real world for real dollars.  There is a complete foreign exchange market called Lindex on which the currency can be traded completely with fluctuations just like in a real world.

Anything can be had in the Second Life marketplace. Fashion, vehicles, weapons, entertainment systems, and even sex services are for sale. To make the trade truly liberal, the player can sell hi avatar. Highly customized avatar are actually a hot commodity in this marketplace.


The vast worlds of Second Life offer an almost infinite universe of exploration. The simple tutorial at the beginning can be very deceiving. On entering a Sim, you will find there is a steep learning curve to climb. The controls for this game are a bit different from other MMORPGs.

The Sims can overwhelm the player with too much clutter, but which make the game as customizable as it is. The graphics are a bit sluggish and can get quite slow on a low spec machine. Otherwise, Second Life is an MMO that offers a refreshing approach to MMO gamers looking for something different.