Review of World of Warcraft

Ron from Long Island HVAC Repair ( gave his take on WoW.  After the disappointing performance of Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard has bounced back with Legion. The developer has gone back the model it used in Cataclysm in 2010. Legion has exceeded expectations in the Blizzard’s long-running successful MMO.

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After the confusing time travel narrative in Warlords of Draenor, Legion has a direct narrative that a player will find refreshing. The threat of the Burning Legion is back, and with it demons intent on annihilating the Warcraft universe. Some of the long known heroes are decimated. You have to stop the demons by finding the five pillars of creation.

There are five new zones each with its characters, locations, and sub-plots. These sub-plots are brought to life through cinematics and voice acting. You have Khadgar for a guide, and he is an amiable companion. He is powerful, and is will keep you entertained from time to time with a joke. Each zone leads back to the Order Hall.

If you have missed the previous expansions, do not fear to get into Legion. You can boost your character to level 100 and access new content. There is a little catch. However, you have to take a trial with a character before giving a boost.

There are classes to master for the character option you choose. In Legion, the classes are three to five instead of the 10+ that one had to master in the previous expansions. Boosting a character from 100 to 110 is not as boring as you might think. You will need to do some dungeons and play the storyline while testing the character you need to boost. About 30 hours will be enough to allow a boost.

To have an idea of how big this expansion is, each of the twelve character options in Legion has its hall. Each hall has its quests giving access huge content. It is almost impossible to complete all the twelve halls.

The past expansions of WoW had a linear storyline for all players. In Legion, you have the freedom to choose your quests. You can also choose your weapons. As a player, you will have to strike a path out of the hall as it is not self-sufficient unlike in Warlords.

Legion has a very interesting twist with the character’s choice weapon. While in many other games an all powerful is part of the quest, Legion hands it out for free very early in the game. It is called an ‘artifact,’ The catch is what you are supposed with the artifact. It has over 30 powers that can only be unlocked by earning artifact power doing raids, and dungeons.

The end in Legion is awesome. Completing the main questline unlocks World Quests. In these quests, you will be put together with players who choose the same quests. These numerous quests make Legion’s ending feel like the beginning of something else.

World of Warcraft movie

World of Warcraft the movie was released in May 2016. It is based on the WoW planet of Azeroth. The Orc horde is intent on invading the planet and taking over from the humans but faces resistance from the humans and some dissenting Orcs.

The film follows a tradition of making movies from video games.  Max Payne, Tomb Raider, House of the Dead, and Final Fantasy are some of the better-known examples.